Money. Sex. Beer. God. with John Crowder

Order John's new book!

Order John's new book!

Is God anti-fun? Are the scriptures anti-pleasure? What about all those rules?

Author, speaker, and Christian Mystic John Crowder joins Kester and James to talk about his new book "MONEY. SEX. BEER. GOD. - DITCHING RELIGION FOR THE JOY OF INCARNATION."

Join us to talk about: Money. Sex. Beer. God. 

We discuss greek dualism, rationalism, and ideas from Plato and others that have crept in to Christian thought and practice over the years.

We explore the commonly held belief in separation: separation of man from God, and separation of the physical and spiritual. We see how these ideas have influenced they way many people discuss the pleasures and joys of the physical world, including money, sex, and beer.

We also take a dive in to gnosticism, an early christian heresy partly about the evil of the physical world, and how it still thrives in the church today. Our discussion then turns to the new identity given to humanity by Christ, waking up to the inclusion of the Gospel, and how St Paul the "grace apostle" talks about morality for us.

Stick around for our "lighting round" and some ridiculous impressions at the end of the show!

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